A Message to ALL Our Compassionate Friends and Supporters

     Vegan Hearts Club wants to thank each and every person that chooses compassion for animals.  Our personal primary goals in life are to make this world a better place and we believe that ending animal cruelty and animal suffering is VITAL to creating a much healthier society, in every way imaginable.  

     Once an individual sees for themselves how much animals suffer, how cruel some humans can be and how absolutely horrific the ends of the animals lives usually are... they begin to rethink everything they've believed, everything they know and everything they've been told.  We've been lied to.  We've been manipulated.  We've been brainwashed.  For corporate profits.  And it's the animals that suffer the most.

     YOU are change.  Your voice is the voice of past animal victims, of those currently suffering at the hands of humans and the ones yet to be born, that will suffer the same fate, until enough of our voices are loud enough for those in power to finally listen.  Demand animal rights.  Demand maximum punishments for animal abusers, torturers and killers.  Demand a better society.  Be an example for others to see and learn how true compassion is done.  INSPIRE!  BE Change!

     From our hearts to yours, all of us at Vegan Hearts Club want to personally thank YOU for all that you are doing to help the animals.  You are all animal heroes.  WE are going to change the world.  The VEGAN (r)EVOLUTION has already begun.  RISE! 

     End animal exploitation!

     End animal imprisonment!

     End animal experiments!

     End animal cruelty!

     End animal abuse!

     End animal suffering!

     End animal forced breeding!

     Punish ALL those who abuse and torture animals!

     Shut down ALL the animal killing slaughterhouses!

     STOP corporations from lying to consumers about animal products!

     STOP the destruction of wildlife natural habitats for animal agriculture!

     STOP destroying the oceans and fresh water bodies!

     STOP destroying the whole planet!


     WE are CHANGE!   BE Change!!! 


 Vegan Hearts Club  October 2018