About Us

    It all started with a Vegan inspired rough sketch of a Veg V with a heart in it, that quickly turned into a permanent Vegan tattoo, which led to the idea to develop a passionate brand for Vegans and animal lovers, that celebrates and promotes Veganism and animal rights through unique artwork, messages and products that allow you to proudly display your passion with our compassion fashion, that shouts out for animals and their rights.

    VHC is focused on giving our customers the best prices on premium quality print on demand products with original unique designs, while using the most environmentally friendly fabrics and print processes that we can.

   Some stores sell the cheap, scratchy, box cut fabric T-Shirts with less environmentally friendly processes for a little less money.  If you see T-Shirts selling for less than $20, especially if it includes free shipping, we can guarantee they are of the cheapest quality, toxic to the environment and NOT Vegan.  We prefer to sell the soft, comfy, better fitting, ECO-FRIENDLY quality fabric T-Shirts to our valued customers. Vegan Hearts Club wants you to be comfortable, while looking good and sending a message with the designs you choose from our product lines.

   VHC will also be offering a few budget friendly accessory products, that are focused on animals, nature, plants, love and compassion... for those who need to stretch their dollar a little further. We want you, our valued customers, to have choices that best suit you and your lifestyle.

   Vegan Hearts Club, a company of Vegans FOR Vegans, is determined to inspire positive changes for animals and we are committed to donating 10% of all profits to organizations fighting to change laws and regulations, that will better protect animals from suffering human cruelty.

   We hope you’ll join our compassion fashion community and help us spread awareness, while Vegan Hearts Club works to raise money to fight for better protections for ALL animals.

   We ARE Change! BE change! RISE UP!!! The VEGAN (r)EVOLUTION is here!

ps - we will put our designs on just about any kind of clothing.  If you don't see what you want, please just email us at veganheartsclub@gmail.com and we'll try and accomodate your requests.