Vegan Hearts Club. Compassion. Empathy. Animal Rights. Our story...

Vegan Hearts Club was born from a passion for animal rights, personal health and a concern for the environment. 

It all started with a Vegan inspired rough sketch that turned into a Vegan tattoo, which led to the idea to develop a passionate brand for Vegans and animal lovers, that celebrates and promotes Veganism and animal rights through unique artwork, messages and products that allow you to proudly display your passion with our fashion that shouts out for animals and their rights. 

We are committed to donating 10% of all profits to legal organizations and individuals fighting for animal rights in your country when you purchase items from our store.   They are doing vital work to change laws and regulations, as well as seeking maximum sentences for animal abusers, torturers and killers.

Vegan Hearts Club is also committed to creating and supporting animal rights awareness campaigns.  VHC founder and owner, Dwayne R Robbie, is committing to walking across Canada in 2019 (with a support team), coast to coast, approximately 4000 miles, to raise awareness for animal rights IF Vegan Hearts Club achieves 10,000 VHC VIP Members by January 1st, 2019.  Vegan Hearts Club will also sponsor and support the same in other countries if we achieve sufficient VHC VIP Membership numbers.  More details on the Charities/Campaign Page. 

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable as part of the most compassionate club on Earth.  The Vegan Hearts Club.  Thank YOU for choosing empathy and compassion!  We LOVE our customers and fellow Vegans!